How It Works

Teaming up with SAVILANKA

Solar energy is a great alternative for anyone who values independence and efficiency. It helps to save cost as well as earn revenues.

SAVILANKA – Home Systems

You own SAVILANKA PV systems and pay for it with a Loan


You lease your Rooftops to SAVILANKA PV systems and save on your Electricity Bills + earn a monthly return on your property.

SAVILANKA – Land Systems

You lease your Land to SAVILANKA PV systems and earn a handsome monthly rent on your property

SAVILANKA – PV Panel Invenstments

You invest in a portion of SAVILANKA PV systems and earn/share the monthly income on the power generation.


You obtain a franchise on SAVILANK PV systems and earn/share the monthly income on the power generation.


You enter into specific period contracts with SAVILANKA PV systems and be a partner in building a greener tomorrow.

Generate More Energy on a Smaller Footprint

Carbon dioxide is one of these Greenhouse gases. Solar power can help reduce CO2 emissions mainly by being a clean and renewable source of energy. Solar power is not dependent on burning fossil fuels or other products; instead, it uses electrons from captured from the sun’s energy for energy creation.

Inspiring Feed Backs From Our Satisfied Customers

Thank you guys for all your help and assistance over the years with your products. I would have no hesitation in byuing from you again.

Our company has been buying solar energy with this renewable energy supplier for many years. They are the most reliable partners.

Me and my partners have found our relationship with this company to be a very satisfying and mutually beneficial experience. Thank you!