Heavy equipment direct  import and  export

Whether you’re a contractor or equipment dealer, profits are made—or lost—during the sale or purchase process of heavy equipment. When buying equipment, the goal is to get the best quality piece of equipment for your needs at the best price. When selling equipment, you want to get the best price possible.If you are focused on buying or selling locally, you may be leaving money on the table. In today’s global economy, sometimes the best deals, whether you are buying or selling, might be waiting for you outside of your country’s borders. SAVILANKA will be your best option in getting you the idle equipments of your choice for your Business promotions.

Petroleum products import 

We make buying and selling of petroleum & petroleum products an easy process. Savilanka provides petroleum & petroleum products buyers & sellers services that enable both parties conclude transactions with confidence on win-win basis. Our hands-on experience on quality & quantity inspection & control of various cargoes such as crude oil/petroleum & petroleum products is our major strength that enables us implement time-tested, structured and transparent designed procedures to avoid confusion between sellers & buyers, and remove time wasting from the transactions.

Scrap Metals import and export 

Savilanka prides itself being Srilanka’s first and largest scrap metal dealer facility with dedicated to the identifying, segregating, processing and shredding of various ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  We have a strong connection of working closely with the oil and gas sectors in the Middle East as well as the processing of end-of-life vehicles, scrap electronic waste, scrap metals, and demolition waste. Our extensive collection and transportation fleet, material handling equipment and scrap processing machines enable us to tackle the most challenging scrap processing jobs.

Any kind of Marine related Services

Time and money are key considerations for vessel owners, managers and operators. That’s why Savilanka pioneered Ship Supplies to provide the most efficient way to deliver spares and provisions to vessels, without requiring them to divert from their course. Our Ship Supply teams also provide emergency response and management support. We efficiently supply Provisions, Deck & Engine Store requirements, Bonded stores supplies, Cabin stores supplies and Safety supplies & equipments.

All kinds of Polyethelene product supplies

Savilanka has the experience of taking part in designs and optimizing them in functionality, cost, and the Polyethylene plastic injection molding process. The low and linear low density produced polyethylene is primarily used for film packaging and for electrical insulation while HDPE is blowing and injection-molded to make containers for household chemicals, drums for industrial packaging, and extruded as piping. Polyethylene can also be slit or spun into synthetic fibers or modified to take on the elastic properties of rubber to create custom Polyethylene molded parts and extrusions.

Food products import & Sales 

Savilanka Food Products is a full-line foodservice distribution company, delivering high quality fresh, frozen, and dry storage foods, paper products, janitorial supplies, small wares and restaurant equipment. We cater to the Restaurants, Hotels, Healthcare Centers, Facilities, Institutions, Airlines, Caterers, Food Agencies, Schools, Camps and Super Markets.

A4 Copier Papers import & Sales

Although the world today is technologically advanced in the use of digital communications, paper is still a vital component to maintaining a successful business. Without it, we could not have hard copies. Hard copies are crucial for every business because maintaining accurate records, along with a stellar filing system, is pivotal for keeping information on-hand. Our range includes white and colored copy reams for everyday use in copy machines and printers. Whether you’re looking for an everyday paper to carry out daily tasks, or specialty rolls to take care of extensive jobs, Savilanka has what you need in our quality paper range.

Clinker import & supplying to Cement Factories

Clinker, which is produced by sintering limestone, is the core ingredient in producing cement. Savilanka one of the largest independent traders of clinker in Srilanka, supplies over five million tons of clinker annually. The company’s exceptional performance has led to strong partnerships with Srilankan cement manufacturers and end-users. Savilanka trades cement, grey clinker, white cement, white cement clinker, sulfur resistant cement, and sulfur resistant clinker. The company has aggressively expanded its sources for clinker and other related commodities to offer the most competitive rates under both CFR and FOB terms.

Re-bars (Building iron rods) import agent in Srilanka 

Rebar, also known as reinforcement steel and reinforcing steel, is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used in reinforced concrete and masonry structures to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension. … By casting rebar into concrete, it is able to carry tensile loads and so increase overall strength.Savilanka is one of the leading inporters and distributers of Quality Re-Bars of all Grades to Srilankan Construction Industry, at most affortable prices.

Import and supply of Bitumen for road contracting works

Asphalt bitumen is a binding organic material made from the by-products of refined crude oil. It is used in road construction because it is easy to produce, reusable, non-toxic, and a strong binder.  Savianka is specialized in supplying different Grades of Bitumins to all categories of customers right from the refineries.  Our ever available stocks at the affordable price help to maintain the momentum of our relevant Industries running smoothly all the time.

Ready made Garment Exporters

Savilanka is manufacturers, exporters, and wholesale suppliers of ready-made garments, Sports wears and inner wears. We have started supplying to international markets with quality products. Ours leased out units are spread out and have a combined capacity of 125,000 pieces of ready-made garments and accessories per month. Savilanka’s products are subjected to top accreditation agencies for the TPI Certification and authentication. Our dedicated team of designers, merchandisers, master tailors, and skilled workers ensure that we deliver the best quality products within the specified time. Savilanka believes in developing long term relationships with our clients.